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About Us


I’m Anu Ramkumar, owner and Director here at the Eye Level Learning Center of Plano. Our Center has been operating since 2011 and we are pleased to have served over 500 students in our local community. In that time we have brought about much positive improvement in the way these children study and understand Math and English.

I have over 15 years of experience in the field of education, and have worked in similar capacity as Learning Center Director with other supplemental educational programs. With this background, I was able to quickly assimilate the values of the Eye Level methods to children, in particular the Critical Thinking component. In addition, the comprehensive English program covering grammar, comprehension, fluency, phonics, vocabulary, reading & writing, is superior to other programs, which fall short in this area.

What Makes our Center Special

You might think that every Eye Level Center is about the same since we use the same program. However, we hold several distinctions that set us apart from other Eye Level Learning Centers. So even though anyone would benefit from the Eye Level curricula at any Center, we believe that our location is especially well equipped to help your child succeed.

  • We were declared one of the top 3 Centers in the US and traveled to Seoul, South Korea in May, 2016 to accept the Excellence Award
  • I represented the Texas region as a member of the Franchisee Advisory Committee in 2016 and have been a part of the team that made periodic improvements to the program.
  • We have the distinction of being a Gold Member of the Eye Level Performance Society member (ELPS) reserved only for top performing centers.

We firmly believe that a good foundation in education is key to success in all walks of life. We make learning fun and centered around individual needs. This is essential in developing strong study habits and capabilities for lifelong learning.

Please email, call (972-398-6284) or drop by to visit and see how we can make a difference in your child’s life.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to working with your children.