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Eye Level Learning Center of Plano Central
3131 Custer Rd, #101
Plano, TX 75075
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Enrollment Process

Step 1

Browse our website

Our website provides important information for parents. Spend a few minutes viewing our site to get a better understanding of the Eye Level education system and how we help students of various ages learn systematically and effectively.

Step 2

Obtain a brochure

You may download a brochure that gives information about our programs.

download brochure

Step 3

Schedule a free consultation

If you wish to consult with one of our instructors to learn more about the Eye Level system, please call us at 972-398-6284 or email us. The free consultation will include a diagnostic test to assess your child’s current aptitude.

Step 4

Enroll in Eye Level

Please visit our Learning Center, you can find us here. Thank you for your decision to enroll your child in our program, you won’t be disappointed.