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Center Policies

Class Attendance & Homework:

• Students are required to attend 1 or 2 classes per week per subject, at their designated day & time
• Classes will start promptly, so please be on time.
• Students will be assigned work for six days a week. They will do one day’s work at the center and the rest at home. Please bring back all the work assigned. We will then grade and give back the work if any corrections are needed.
• We will only give new work if all the work assigned is turned in, regardless of your tuition status.
• Students have to do their work every day, please set 15-20 minutes aside as Eye Level time. Doing work every day rather than finishing in a day or two will develop discipline, good study habits and focus. All work should have a starting time and an ending time.
• Parents are our eyes and ears at home; please let us know of work being too easy, hard, reluctance, taking too long, resistance etc.


It is important that we maintain the proper teacher to student ratio for the Eye Level programs. Please attend Eye Level only on your schedule day(s) and at your scheduled time. If there is a need for a temporary schedule change or a planned absence, a 24 hour notice is required. Any permanent schedule change has to be submitted in writing to Eye Level Management using the Schedule Change Form which will be provided. All schedule changes must be approved.

Session Make-up:

• 2 make up classes are allowed per 3 months. Make up classes have to be scheduled in advance.
• The makeup class should be attended within the current month. It will not be carried over to the next month. No credit will be given for the missed classes.
• If the student is going to miss a class, please pick up the homework so the student doesn’t miss a week of homework.

Missed Sessions:

A 24-hour notice is required for all planned absences. Please contact Eye Level via phone 972-398-MATH(6284) or our contact page. Sessions missed with proper notification will be regarded as excused.
• Excused Absences are eligible for makeup.
• Unexcused Absences for which Eye Level was not notified will not be eligible for make-up.

Pick-Up Times:

• Please make every attempt to pick your student up at the time their session ends. Our teachers’ schedules are very full and tardiness detracts from the next students’ session. When your child’s scheduled session has ended, all Eye Level work will end while they await pick-up.

Wellness/Sickness Policy:

Please do not send your child to Eye Level if they are ill.
• Students must be fever free and without vomiting for, at least, 24 hours prior to attending their Eye Level session.
• If your child missed school due to an illness, they should also be considered too ill to attend Eye Level.


• Parents must submit the Vacation Form when taking a short vacation. The form must be submitted 1 week in advance. Please let us know if you are taking work with you. For any shorter notice, we will do our best to provide work.

Tuition Payments:

• Tuition payments are due on 1st of every month. There will be a $15 late fee charge for tuition received after the 5th. Sessions & homework may be denied until the payment is received.

Withdrawal Policy:

• A 20-day advance notification from each month starting is required for “withdrawals” from the program. Parents must submit the Withdrawal Form. Failure to notify will result in a loss of deposit or charge of a service fee equal to the amount of booklets ordered for the student.
• Renewal: If your tuition plan is up for renewal, please let us know 15 days in advance of which plan you would like to be re-enrolled in. If no plan chosen, tuition will revert back to the monthly plan.

Off Days:

• Please check our calendar for off days. Make up classes are not offered for time off. The time off is compensated by the months with 5 weeks.

Parent/Teacher Conferences:

• Parent and Teacher conferences will be held in November, February, and May.

Center Closing:

• In any unforeseeable circumstances, if the center has to be closed we will notify you via email. In case of the increment weather, please check our website for updates.

Contacting Us:

• We like communicating with you on a regular basis.
• Contact us here, this is the best way to reach us. We will not able to talk to you for longer than a minute during class hours. Please email us or schedule a time to talk. We are very particular about student to teacher ratio and will not take time away from the ongoing classes.