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Eye Level Learning Center of Plano Central
3131 Custer Rd, #101
Plano, TX 75075
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Eye Level Learning Center of Plano Central
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by Chitra N on Eye Level Learning Center of Plano Central
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Eye Level learning center Plano was very beneficial for my son who started at level 1 in math and now he completed it. Eye Level Plano has helped him in his math skills and his critical thinking skills in particular.He loves the teachers and the Director,who are well qualified to all the topics and are always ready to answer any question. They even helped in STARR and EOC preparations too which was of great help. We would highly recommend this center.

by praja v on Eye Level Learning Center of Plano Central
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The best center ever. I have been noticing my son's academic performance in school and external participation, he is doing great in both English and Math. Mostly the coaching they give on critical thinking is splendid. Kids can think more wisely and act on their own. The director Anu is so good that she keenly notice where the child is weak and concentrates on them. I would highly recommend ?

by Janani M on Eye Level Learning Center of Plano Central
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My daughter has been enrolled at eyelevel (at parker and custer) since 2015. This has been one of the best decisions we have made for her. Our experience with Anu (director of the center) has been amazing. She always goes that extra mile to help students and parents. The teachers are professional and know the way with the kids and show they truly care. More than all, they practice what they preach, truly education at the kids eye-level. I strongly encourage sending kids to this center.

by Vidhya S on Eye Level Learning Center of Plano Central
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THE best center of excellence, I would recommend any child to be. I have had my son start with this center way past in 2012, when he was 4 years old. He is 9 years old now and has grown very well, both academically and behaviorally. The Head and the Staff of this center, have put in their heart and soul into core development of every child, individually. Five years down the line, I have had ZERO issues of any kind. This team certainly deserves a 5-star.

by Edgar Sanchez on Eye Level Learning Center of Plano Central
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My wife and I are very happy with my son's confidence in his English and Math school works, thanks to this center. We are very lucky to know Ms Anu and her staff at Eye Level Plano Central. Ms. Anu is very knowledgeable in helping us worked with my son's weaknesses and polished his strengths. She is very accommodating with all the changes in our schedules, All her staff are very approachable and ready to help, We cannot ask for more. We would definitely recommend this center.

by Young Nguyen on Eye Level Learning Center of Plano Central
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I have 3 kids enrolled at this center since it opened! The center director closely monitors all of the teachers and is always open for feedback. The kids have excelled tremendously and all 3 are in the PACE program now. You can’t see their knowledge growth immediately. It takes at least 1-2 years – only then can you tell how much your child has learned. I have found the most important thing about these learning centers is that you must find one that knows how to teach/guide the kids instead of handing out worksheets, etc. This is the one for my kids!

by Mahesh Gondi on Eye Level Learning Center of Plano Central
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My children are attending Eye Level Plano Central since 1.5 years and they love it . Staff are extremely professional, atmosphere is very friendly and the owner Ms. Anu is accommodating and willing to spend time to understand your child's strength's and weaknesses. We noticed tremendous improvement in our children's verbal and analytical skills. Unlike KUMON this place is not over-crowded and Teachers spend time to get the concepts right. My advice, Just listen to Ms. Anu and her staff, please don't rush in moving your child to the next level unless recommended. Cheers!!